Do you want to feel prepared for an SEC exam?

Mock SEC Examination

A Different Approach

Like other firms, through our mock SEC examination, we reassess your firm’s risks, identify inconsistencies between your operations and your written policies, and capture areas of potential deficiencies. But unlike other firms, we don’t dump a letter on you with areas of concern. We discuss our findings with you to confirm whether they are material or even applicable to your firm, and we include post-examination consulting to help freshen up your compliance program to meet what the SEC is looking for.

Our post-examination SEC consulting may include creating new polices, refining existing policies, or streamlining your processes. We help you remedy any potential deficiencies before the SEC finds them or help you document how or why a particular rule or regulation does not apply to your firm. We assist with the implementation of our suggested changes and train your staff on those changes so that you walk away feeling crisp, clean, and confident.

What’s the Point of a Mock SEC Exam?

The time you invest in a mock SEC exam will save you time and stress during an actual exam. It will identify your firm’s strengths and help you demonstrate to the SEC that you take compliance seriously. You’ll be calm and organized, which will make your document request process and interviews with SEC staff smooth sailing.

Undergoing a mock SEC examination will:

  1. Help your CCO, SEC compliance staff, and the rest of your firm understand the manner in which your information will be picked through and examined
  2. Validate the importance of each employee’s day-to-day responsibilities in maintaining compliance by putting context around the nuances of their tasks
  3. Instill confidence in the key employees who would be interviewed by the SEC
  4. Provide upper management peace of mind and a roadmap of how they may consider reallocating resources

Is a Mock SEC Exam Right for Your Firm?

A mock SEC exam might be right for you if your firm…

  • Has had significant changes in key personnel
  • Has launched a new line of business
  • Has undergone a merger or acquisition
  • Has never been examined
  • Hasn’t been examined in 5 years or more

It can also serve as a great in-depth review on an RIA for due diligence.

Request a Complimentary
“Comply with Confidence” Strategy Session

The compliance world has gotten more complicated by the day, but SCS offers answers. We have received training, solutions, and structure which has led to an effective and efficient compliance culture within our company. I have benefited from the individual feedback and interacting with SCS. They are patient, understanding, and put up with my continuous questions. They were able to test our compliance program with mock SEC audits which specifically engaged into our situation and how to serve our clients all the while meeting regulations and monitoring company risks.
-Sheila Kilper, Compliance Officer, Wedgewood Partners, Inc.