How to Prepare for ADV Part 2A Updates

How to Prepare for ADV Part 2A Updates

07 February 2018

Haven’t looked at your ADV Part 2A in months? Staring at your computer screen, wondering where to start? Check out our ADV Part 2A checklist.

  • Did you have any major changes to your firm’s business in 2017? Make a list!
    • Have you opened or closed any new products or funds in 2017?
    • Do your products invest in any new securities not previously found in the product offering?

We also suggest keeping a running tab throughout the year of non-material changes to the ADV.

  • Do you have any new employees?
    • Are the new employees client-facing?
    • Are the new employees managing any products (portfolio managers)?
  • Have you updated your Risk Matrix? Do those changes impact the ADV Part 2, specifically Item 8 (Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss)?
  • Have you updated the Code of Ethics to reflect any changes to your business and employee reporting?
  • Did you have a disciplinary event occur this year that must be reported in Item 9?
  • Did the SEC examine your firm in 2017?
    • Did you implement any changes to policies and procedures due to the exam?
    • Did the SEC suggest any changes to your ADV Part 2A that you have not made since your exam?

And, of course, talk to us!